Would it matter what Macbook I get to run the standard edition of CS4?

Question by Justin: Would it matter what Macbook I get to run the standard edition of CS4?
The macbook I am looking at is the macbook pro with a 2.13 ghz processor and 4GB ram (13 inch screen). I am on a budget of nothing more than $ 1200 and with my student discount, it would be below that. I am wondering though would I notice or see an compatibility issues of CS4 running slow? I am just getting the standard edition to have Indesign and Photoshop.


Answer by vector assassin
I have an iMac with 4GB ram and run CS4. A macbook would be good as long as you have decent ram, and 4GB is fine. I haven’t seen any issues with it running slow at all.

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  1. Yes, you can definitely run CS4 no problem with that processor and 4GB RAM. I run it on my old 2.0GHz white Macbook with 2GB and it’s pretty fast already (although it runs CS3, but CS4 can’t be much more resource intensive).

    I noticed as well that you have a budget of $ 1200. Since Apple upgraded their old aluminum MacBooks to “Pro”, the older models are much cheaper now, you can get them for < $ 1000 on Amazon (without tax too in most states): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001D8S9E2?ie=UTF8&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&tag=macbook13-20&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001D8S9E2

    You can then buy 2x2GB RAM sticks on Crucial.com for around $ 60 and save yourself a few hundred plus the tax. Just throwing this out there in case it helps.

    Also, Apple just released their new Snow Leopard operating system which has a ton of bugs, so would advise you sticking with Leopard until they go through a few patch revisions.

  2. At my workplace we work with Apple & Adobe products, so I can tell you that at this moment there is some people here working with CS4 (a bit slow, but works!) on one of the first generations of the Black Macbook (Intel Core Duo)… to give you an idea, we just sold a couple of them for under $ 400. Developers use the 15″ Macbook Pro 4,1 (Not the unibody, the previous one) with 4GB of Ram, again… CS4… no problems. And I run CS4 products on the widest laptop range you can find! Macbook Pro 17″ 3.06Ghz 8GB RAM 256SSD. (Needless to say it runs perfectly) And as a backup I also have CS4 installed on my wife’s Macbook Air (Expanded RAM/SSD)… well I can’t say it runs exactly “nice” on the Air… but have saved me a few times.
    So… basically, just about any Apple Intel laptop you get will run CS4, obviously, some faster than others, but, it will run.

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