Where do I save photoshop brushes?

Question by Rawr!: Where do I save photoshop brushes?
Ok. There are a few sites I know of that have really cute photoshop brushes. I downloaded them… But don’t know where to save them to be able to use them. Help?? =]


Answer by redworm2k2
I do believe they go into the Presets folder

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  1. You an save it anywhere you want:
    Once your in the Photoshop program bring down the brushes menu,there will be a round small button with a > in it,click on this and select Load Brushes and browse to the place where you have saved the brush(Note the brushes have to be in .abr format,if it is zipped unzip the downloaded file and use it.)
    The Brushes will be added to the existing collections.Scroll down and use them.

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