What type of brush should be used when doing lineart in Photoshop?

Question by Danielle: What type of brush should be used when doing lineart in Photoshop?
My lineart always comes out like this , http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2qiustt&s=5 (pay no attention to the colors) And its really annoying! It looks so stupid while the one I did in pencil which was scanned and messy turns out looking way better.

I think I’m doing something wrong because all of the other linearts I’ve seen look different.


Answer by Seeker Of Painful Truths
Hi, I’m a concept artist. My job is to draw and paint different things in PS. I use PS CS3. To draw I use the hard edge brush. Basically what you want to do is, go to the brushes menu, click on Hard Round Brush. There should be a brush representation stroke picture in the brushes menu to show you the kind of stroke your going to get. The stroke should have a crisp hard edge. It should also have shape dynamics on so it has pressure sensitivity. So it should go from a point, to thick, back to a point. Draw on a seperate layer from the background so you can always go back to a fresh white document. Also, turning the opacity down to about 50 or 60 percent while using jet black as your color gives you the ability to understand your lines better.

Help that helps.

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