Were can i find a 100% FREE! + 100% VIRUS FREE! Photo Editing Program At?

Since I LOVE Editing Photo’s I Need More Stuff For It….Somthing Like Photofiltre Or GIMP Nothing Like 30day trial.
Something Like “Photoshop CS3″[BUT 100% FREE] Anything i can add “Swirls” But to where i can change the blendingness on it “Making it to were you can hardly see it or really see it”

& Diffrent Brushes Like “Hearts/Stars/Space/Flowers”+ More…. Something like that

Please send me the link if you can

Please & Thank You

If you have a myspace i have a fansite


i know weird URL but i changed it to a fansite


Please + Thank You
like these photos
7 whats on them kinda adding on to my photos.

1. http://obsidiandawn.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/light-swirls.jpg

2. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc94/Dl4All/SwirlsandSeedsBrushesforPhotoshop.jpg

3. http://www.123photoshopbrushes.com/brush_thumnails/grungesplatter_sp.gif

Look up on google to find some more of these of what im trying to say

i typed in
“photoshopped photo with swirls”

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  1. You can get Photoshop CS3 extended or CS4 extended for free, they are the best but they are illegal to get for free

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