Q&A: Where can I get Free photoshop CS4?

Question by Chrissy J: Where can I get Free photoshop CS4?
I know it’s supposed to be bought,but I know alot of people have it for free.
So,where are some successful,true,sites I can get free photoshop CS4?


Answer by Angry Grandma (VP)
No where.

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  1. Although I don’t encourage illegal downloading 😉 I would suggest getting a portable version of this. Check out portableappz.blogspot.com. They have free portable applications that don’t need ANY keygens and can be run from a usb. Enjoy. Also, there are no viruses!

  2. well reason why people have it totally free is because they cracked it, now normally you could get in trouble but the thing is if you install it with the internet off and register it then you can’t really get in trouble because most products are registered electronically but yeah. Turn off the internet when you either enter the serial code or crack it. If you want i can give you some serials for you to try notice you have to download the free trial of CS4 then when it askes you for the serial type it in.

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