Q&A: What type of brushes are normally used when drawing anime using photoshop?

Question by Anitta: What type of brushes are normally used when drawing anime using photoshop?
I was despairingly trying to figure out what type of brushes are used with all these fascinating drawings I find on DeviantART and such… I’ve tried downloading tons of brushes, but non seems to be what I’m searching for. I want those soft lines that doesn’t look pixalized or kind of wavy when used. I have adobe photoshop CS5, but it doesn’t matter if you have an older version, I just need the the type of brush. Any link is welcomed and appreciated.

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Answer by MOZ
You can use the “basic” brush shape, you don’t need fancy brushes.
The trick is in how hard or soft edged your brush is, and most importantly, setting the spacing down to 1% from the default 25%, which is what makes it look “wavy” when you paint. In your brushes palette, click on Brush Tip Shape at the top, and then adjust the bottom slider that says Spacing all the way to the left. You will now get a MUCH smoother stroke.

ALSO, work at a higher magnification, to make a cleaner mark, and set your image size when you start to 200ppi, rather than the standard 72. This will give you more pixels to work with. You can always resize it when you are done through Image>Image Size and then change the Resolution back to 72 pixels/inch, which is screen resolution for Macs (96 pixels/inch is PC).

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  1. aside from Photoshop dynamics, you want to have options on Tablets for more soft and curvatures in results,

    Brush panel overview

    there are different brushes, Noise, Wet Edges and Airbrush, Smoothing, Protect Texture,…
    Other brush options

    if you are looking at premade brushes from DeviantArt, those would be applied as well with Dynamics, so when you apply stroke, it has waves, or jitter, or replication,

    view some tutorials on how to use brushes,

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