Q&A: What brush to use for anime drawing? (Photoshop)?

Question by guitarooman: What brush to use for anime drawing? (Photoshop)?
Hi, I have a tablet, and Photoshop CS3, however for my last drawing, I used one of photoshop’s default brushes, and the outlines came out to be very inconsistent, thick and overall not very nice. The lines were too flexible and hence were all scribbles. Does anyone know good brush settings, or a download that I can use for outlines? Thanks a lot!

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Answer by j_goodedude
Both of these problems are probably caused by you, not the brush’s. Most tablets are pressure sensitive; therefore, if you press harder at one point, it will become thickier (depending on settings in the brushes panel thingy). As for shakiness, that is almost definitely your causing. You most likely just have a shaky hand; you can fix this by going quicker over the lines or drawing the lineart on a really big image then decreasing to your ideal size. Does your tablet have a removable, thick, clear plastic cover on it? I found that removing mine helped a lot.
Personally, I have my sketch, make it a minimum of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels, and get my brush. I just use a default hard brush with opacity, flow, and size jitter set to pen pressure. Then when I color, I just make it so size jitter is on. For an eraser, I use a default one with 0% hardness.

Wow, that was like a mini tutorial :p
Hope I helped ;D

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