Q&A: Photoshop brushes won’t work..HELP PLEASE !?

Question by Tali U: Photoshop brushes won’t work..HELP PLEASE !?
Okay my brushes use to work then now they don’t..they appear but i have to put to layers of paint on the background and it will be the colour of the first paint background (if that makes sense), not the colour ive selected? i don’t now whats the problem? any instructions, tips would be helpful?


Answer by crsimon36
I think you know that the color used by the brush is dependent on the foreground color. To correct weird problems, reset the Preferences. Do this by pressing and hold the Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys of launch of PS. When asked about deleting a file, reply YES. Let PS start. Close and reopen. It will take longer to re-start as it builds the preferences file.

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