Q&A: How to open RAW images on Photoshop CS4?

Question by Lauren: How to open RAW images on Photoshop CS4?
I just bought Photoshop CS4 today, and I am not sure how to open my RAW images with it. Every time I try, it says, “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document”

I have downloaded the RAW plug-in form the Adobe web page and it’s still not working.

My camera is a Nikon D90 if that helps..and the images right now are saved as .NEF


Answer by empenage2003
i got the same question and i’m thinking of looking it up on a photoforum. thanks for reminding me

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  1. I just drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer to Photoshop. Photoshop is smart enough to figure out it’s a raw image and opens the raw image editor.

    You can also use File|Open in Photoshop and select RAW in the file type selection, then open your image.

    Photoshop sure did an excellent job on their raw editor!

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