Q&A: How do you save edited images from Photoshop CS4?

Question by Heather: How do you save edited images from Photoshop CS4?
After you edit an image in Photoshop CS4 how do you save it so that you can open it without it being opened in Photoshop? After I am finished with a picture, I hit save, but it saves it in a photoshop format. I want to email pictures but if the people I email them to don’t have photoshop they can’t open them.

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Answer by p550rs
when saving choose the file type (format) as jpeg (for example)
If you have more than one layer you’ll need to flatten your image first by clicking in one of the layers and choose “flatten image”

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  1. Don’t click the “Save” option, click on “Save as” then select JPEG, if you are going to send the photo by e-mail be sure the resulting file size is not too big, in the “Quality” slider change the value to between 100k and 500k or you can change the image size if you want, just in case it takes too long to upload or download the file or the size exceeds the permitted limit by your e-mail provider.

  2. That’s because Photoshop saves files with the .psd extension by default, which can only be opened in Photoshop – although some free programs like Google Picasa and GIMP will display psd files also.

    When you save the image you need to change the format to something like JPEG which anyone can open without Photoshop. Click File > Save As > then under the filename change the format to JPEG. The JPEG options dialog box will appear where you can set the level of compression if you want to make your file size smaller. Note however, the smaller the file, the lower the quality of the image will be.

  3. Instead of clicking File-Save, or Ctrl+S, click File-Save As, or Shift+Ctrl+S. Then under the “File Name” box there is a “Format” box. Set the format to JPEG (.jpg).
    All done!
    Hope that helps (:

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