Q&A: How do you rotate brushes in Photoshop?

Question by Nikita L: How do you rotate brushes in Photoshop?
Im trying to edit a picture of someone in photoshop and im trying to use some eye-lash brushes . The only problem is i dont know how to rotate them! Help … ?


Answer by amybeader
You can’t really rotate the brushes themselves (although you can open up the brushes palette and try playing around with different brush dynamics and controls, but these general affect using a brush to make strokes). With something like an eyelash brush, where you are using the brush almost like a stamp, applying the brush image once or one at a time, what I would suggest you do is create a new layer and apply the eyelash brush. Now, go up to Edit>Transform and select the Flip Horizontal or try Rotation or a combination. With this on a separate layer, you can also use the Move tool and move the eyelashes more precisely in to place where you need them. You can also use other Transform tools to Scale (change size) or Warp (change the shapes).

You can try things out by creating a new layer for each time you want to apply the brush. This will allow you to experiment without messing up the rest of the image. You can always delete layers you don’t need.

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  1. Follow these steps:
    1) Set your brush tool as your current tool (press B)
    2) Go to Window>Brushes or press F5
    3) Choose Brush Tip Shape
    4) Type an angle you want in the Angle textbox or rotate the arrow

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