Q&A: How can I make a photoshop brush into a stencil?

Question by morocia: How can I make a photoshop brush into a stencil?
This is difficult to explain, and the answer is probably pretty simple but I’m going to try and ask anyways. I’m wanting to add some pretty realistic butterflies to a few of my pictures. (and other brushes, etc) However, I don’t want them to be just one or two colors. I need to know how to make the butterfly brushes into a stencil so I can fill the various fields in with different colors and textures. Is there an easier way to do this? I tried just using them with a black outline and then colored with various colors, blurred the colors…but they don’t look too realistic. Please help!


Answer by Vicc
This isn’t a stencil… but it SHOULD give you the same result

Every time you wish to have some different colour, blur, textures for your butterfly etc create a new layer..

and then go to Edit blending options if you have a list of Textures click on the one you want and use it.

If you want a different colour just choose a different colour
and create a new layer for blurring it. if you only one in particular blurred.

I hope i helped

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