Q&A: how can i download brushes to my photoshop?

Question by iloveyou. 🙂: how can i download brushes to my photoshop?
i have corel paint shop pro X2 how can i get the brushes i downloaded on there?


Answer by Mujer Alta
First, look at my answer to this question and bookmark the links for PSP brushes. (And for converting Photoshop brushes to PSP brushes if you think you might someday need it.)

Now, it’s very easy to get brushes into Paint Shop Pro. You can’t install Photoshop brushes. So, if the brushfile is a fancy, blue and white abr file, PSP won’t be able to use it. (Read what’s at the first link in the answer above for instructions to convert Photoshop brushes into PSP brushes.) If you’ve got PSP brushes: They download in zipped files. When you download, save these files to the desktop so you can always easily find them. Right click on a zipped file, click on Extract All. Click the “Extract” button and the unzipped file will appear in the same location/folder as the zipped file. Double click the unzipped file to open it. Right click on the PSP brush file and click on Copy. Go to My Documents (Documents in Vista), find the My PSP folder and double click to open it. Find the Brushes folder and double click to open it. Now, right-click in an empty spot – make sure you don’t accidently highlight one of the files that’s already there – and click on Paste. Your new brush is installed. The next time you open and use PSP, your new brush will appear in the list of installed brushes.

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