Photoshop Crop and Watermark???

I was wondering in Photoshop CS, is there anyway I can crop a picture using a particular brush?

I have my own business, and had someone design a brush for my site, I would like to use that brush to crop my pictures to match my designs. Is that possible? If so, can someone show me how to do it?

Also, how do I watermark a picture??

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  1. • cropping an image means to delete unwanted portions of an image. Please note that the Crop Tool only lets you crop rectangular selections. And a saved file will also be in rectangular as a document is always in a rectangular shape.

    • but of course there are ways to have a picture in specific shape or pattern, but it is not called ‘crop’. it is called image masking. You can use the shape of your brush to mask your image. There are many ways to do it in photoshop. In the links below are some ways:

    Here is a link for creating watermark in photoshop:-

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