photoshop brushes question??????? thanks?

Question by dcfceire: photoshop brushes question??????? thanks?
hello,when i click the brushes icon in photoshop cs5 how do i make all of them appear because only about 20 appear but ive installed alot more, thanks


Answer by nick
You have to load them into view. You can “append” as many brush sets as you like to the existing list.

With the brush tool selected, click to access the brush panel at the top, as if you’re going to choose a new brush or change the size. On the right side of the panel there is a right-facing arrow. click it and a new menu appears. choose “load” and then hunt down where the brushes you downloaded are on your computer and load each one. I’m not sure if you can select multiple sets at a time using control or shift but give it a shot.

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