Photoshop brush can’t turn off hue jitter?

No matter what settings I put, the brush tool always has hue jitter.

On the left is the brush, and on the right is with pencil tool for comparison.

And if it helps, the brush settings:

I’m running Photoshop Elements 6 on Vista.

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  1. Did you reset the Brush Tool? Click on the Paintbrush and choose a plain round Default brush. Up on the far left side of the Brush Tool Options Bar is a little arrow. Click on it and click on Reset This Tool. Afterwards, look at the Brush Settings dialog and note that Spacing is set to 25%. Even when a “fuzzy” edged brush is selected, spacing is 25%.

    If you’re using a tablet, make sure Hue Jitter isn’t checked in the Tablet Options.

    If resetting the Paintbrush doesn’t correct the problem (it usually does), there might be some incompatability between the program and version the brush was made in and the version of Elements you’re using it in. (Although the sample you provided – Thank you for those!!! – looks like it was made with one of the included basic brushes.)

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