photoshop .abr brushes to corel paint shop pro XI?

Question by Damn.: photoshop .abr brushes to corel paint shop pro XI?
i downloaded some photoshop brushes from deviantart. com. I am not the best at this. I know how to extract files and put new fonts, but thats about it. I really need help in the simplest way possible. Can someone explain how to take .abr files and put them into corel pain shop proXI ? PLEASE MAKE IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE!! i am not the smartest. Thanks so much. Appreciate it so much♥


Answer by Joan
I have PSP X so I can at least get you started. I think I can take you all the way through if you will be patient and let me walk you through slowly 🙂
First you have to convert the brushes so they will be PSP compatible and to do that you need to download ABR Viewer. This is the link and it’s free –
It’s easy to use and if you have a problem just let me know. Open the brushes with this program and it will automatically convert the brushes to .png files. It will also put these files in a separate folder in your document folder but you have to tell it to. Just check out all the options on the menus. As I remember the help files are good.
When you do this let me know. It’s better to email me (, but I will check back here also.

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