need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?

Question by Woop: need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?
need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?
So i have Cs 5 i think its the extended edition but it looks nothing like the other photo shops i;ve used. almost all the same features (its missing some from what i remember of the cs2 version) i cant find any brushes that don’t end with a sharp edge if you get me? usually the brushes i used would start faint until you add more pressure then the line would become the block colour you are using and as think as thick as you’ve selected then when ending the pen stroke it trails off like it gets thinner at the end of a stroke, but for some reason there is non of that type! I need that style of brush for the project im working on aswell. 🙁

Do you understand me?

I have a wacom tablet if that helps.

How do i find a brush like that? Or tweak a brush so that it becomes like that


Answer by Mega
I think I understand.

Usually it’s two cases.

1. There is no brush itself.
solve>>Go to the brush option bar. Then click the ‘Brush preset picker’.
Click the right top button. On the bottom, you can see groups blahblah Brushes.
Click one of them and Click Append. Do this to all of them and you’ll be able to find brush you want.

2. When you paint some part, there is just one color and that’s all.(No strength controlling)
solve>>You’ll see ‘Flow’ on the brush option bar. control the percentage and you’ll know the difference

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