Loading Photoshop Brushes??? please HELP?

Question by Even Deeper Inside Of You: Loading Photoshop Brushes??? please HELP?
Ok I extracted and saved the brushes under c directory- adobe – presets – brushes …im sure yet when i open adobe photoshop and go to brushes to load they are not there?!?!???
…so i cant download them…

Heres the weird thing…when i open the brushes without the program itsel( here i mean by just going to my computer – c drive – program files – adobe – presets – brushes ) they ARE there…

What do i have to do to be able to open the brushes?

and i have tried to download them again, but the same thing happens…

Thank You


Answer by Don M
You need to double click the brushes where they are stored to open the download.
I am a little confused at the fact why you would download or need to there is a wide array of all the brushes you need that come with the software. This program is for professional use and there are 4 different places you can choose to alter your brushes in size and style of brush to use. Look around a little.

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  1. By chance, are the brushes in a zipped or other type compressed file? I know you said you extracted. Brushes have the file extension “abr”. If you see this extension in the properties of the file then they are not compressed. I think you are in the correct folder so all I can think of is that they are compressed. Double clicking on a “abr” file should open Photoshop.

  2. First of all when u save external brushes u’ve downloaded in the preset folder is going to be there on ur local hard disk. i.e in ur said path my computer – c drive – program files – adobe – presets – brushes.

    Now u don’t download or need to download any more brushes unless u find some new ones later lol.

    Start ur Adobe Photoshop——> In the side panel of ur menu click on the Brush icon—> u’ll see a menubar with brush properties—–>click on the arrow near the brush size or the brush icon in the brush’s menu bar——>Drop downs a panel of commands——>The first will be New Brush Preset——> look down that list and u’d see ——–> LOAD Brushes——-> by default photoshop will open the above mentioned path the one u have typed out in ur Q—-> the brush file extension is . abr. If u don’t see ur downloaded and saved brush then click in File of types and c if u get any other option but if u follow my steps ur brushes will get loaded properly. If by default photoshop isn’t opening the path u’ve typed out u can always browse back to my computer – c drive – program files – adobe – presets – brushes——- *.abr files and say load.

    Follow the steps and i think u’d have ur problem solved.

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