I’m having trouble with the Fill tool in Flash CS4…?

I recently purchased Adobe Flash CS4 Professional and am having trouble with the fill tool.

I have been drawing my animations on the stage using the brush tool and a Wacom tablet. In order to describe my problem clearly, I’m going to use an example.

When I draw a square in Flash I draw each line individually/my tablet pen doesn’t stay on the tablet the entire time. When I try to fill in the square using the Fill tool it doesn’t work. However, when I draw the square in one stroke, it allows me to fill it in.

Is there a way to make it so that I can in spaces whose lines I did not draw in one stroke?

Maybe posting this would help, something I was working on: http://www.swfcabin.com/open/1245466971

The character’s hair, for example, is made of many different strokes, and it does not allow me to fill it in – the same goes to for the rest of the character. How do I fix this problem?

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  1. Fill is kinda quirky in Flash.

    It is best to preset your stroke and fill and then draw the object (movie clip).

    If however, you want to edit the object, for example add or change the fill, double click the object on the stage to go inside of it (enter the movie clip), and then make your changes. Then back out of the movie clip by hitting the back arrows in the “breadcrumbs” (the arrows that indicate how deep you are inside a movie clip right below the timeline) when you are done making the changes.

    Another way to do it is to click the selection tool, and drag a box out around the entire object to select the entire object. Make sure you grab the entire object or you will break the stroke into segments. Then you can use the fill properties in the tool bar to change the fill settings. If you dont use the selection tool to select the entire object (movie clip) first, the changes will not work.

    Personally, I just double click the object to go inside of it, and make changes there. This is beneficial when you start to use images as movieclips in Actionscript so you make sure that the changes are done to the root, or Parent object and not to its Instances.

  2. my guess is that in flash when u draw a square in one stroke it is recognized as one object and lines are seen as lines with there own individual beginnings and ends… to make individual lines one full object there is a tool similar to the polygon lasso tool that anchors the line every time u click.. yes this means u would have to zoom in and click a lot of times to make curve like in hair but it works. hope this helps

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