How to open RAW images on Photoshop CS4?

Question by Lauren: How to open RAW images on Photoshop CS4?
I just bought Photoshop CS4 today, and I am not sure how to open my RAW images with it. Every time I try, it says, “Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document”

I have downloaded the RAW plug-in form the Adobe web page and it’s still not working.

My camera is a Nikon D90 if that helps..and the images right now are saved as .NEF


Answer by Stephen G
Turn them into jpeg images i bought a nikon and i have coral photo shop check my site out these pictures were taking off a nikon there under merchandice than look at cards and pictures its free to look

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  1. You downloaded the RAW plug in and installed it yourself? You should have run the UPDATE (in HELP menu) instead. If the plug in was installed incorrectly, as in wrong folder (directory), it won’t work.

    Test it this way–go to BRIDGE (from FILE and BROWSE), and choose the folder where the files are. If Bridge can “see” those files, then you should be able to open them.


    Hmm. Stephen.. am not sure how to say this. Here goes: she can’t turn them into JPG until they’re opened and converted to JPG in Photoshop..

  2. “Pooky” is right. Camera RAW comes with CS4.

    However, you may not have installed it. If his trick doesn’t work, rerun the installer and be sure to select “camera RAW”.

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