How to open and treat several images in photoshop cs4?

Question by murtaza: How to open and treat several images in photoshop cs4?
I would like to resize several images at once in photoshop, Is that possible and how?


Answer by allison!
i think u cand do that on Picasa. just google it and download it, its totally free and barely takes up memory. and it’s by Google, so it’s really fast. 🙂

you change a picture, then apply effects to all pictures and it applies the changes you made to that ONE picture, to every picture you select in the album.

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  1. Yes you can do that. Basically you need to create an action. Actions are simple to create, first open up an image that you would like to change the size. Click on windows / then actions. On the bottom of the panel there is a small button that is “create new action,” then you will name it and click the button “record.” Then go ahead and re size the image, I make sure to do it by percent so that way it is consistent among horizontal and vertical photos, so I usually do re size 20% and also name the action that so I remember what it is. So once it is re-sized, go to file and save the image. It is important not to change the file name, just save it. (if that’s an issue and you don’t want all your images permanently changed in size, copy all the images you want to re-size and past the copies in a new folder). Once saved, also make sure to close the file. At that point, look back at your actions panel and there will be a square button that is stop recording action. Now that your action is done, if you want to use that action on a group of files, go to file / automate / batch. From there, find the folder with your copied images, make sure you have your new action selected and press ok.

    Now that may have seen like a bit of work, but it really shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to set up, and you won’t have to set up that action from now on. I really urge you to try this an get familiar with recording actions because they really come in handy if your dealing with large loads of photos. You can set up actions to apply filters, effects, auto tone and color.
    Set up the actions, click ok and watch your computer fly through them than rather you sitting there for hours.

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