How to Download Photoshop Brushes On Vista?

Question by krissy: How to Download Photoshop Brushes On Vista?
I have Photoshop 7.0 and with my other computer which had windows XP it was real easy to download new Brushes. But i Cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it using windows vista.
if it matters, i use to download new brushes.

i need a detailed explanation please

also i don’t have win zip….do i need that?

HELP! =[
OK i have another problem…i went to save the file in the brushes folder, and then it said I’m not allowed cuz I’m not the administrator…however..i am. there is no other account on this computer…..what the heck?


Answer by NSP Studio
ok u dont need winzip unless ur downloading another format besides .zip u right click the file and press extract once that is done u open photoshop then go to ur brush tool then when u click to select the size of the brush or the type ur going to see a arrow click it then u will see a menu that says load brushes click that and find the find u exacted and then scroll all the way to the botton cuz they will be the last brushes

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  1. Winzip is probably useful but not necessary. Windows usually has an in-built “unzip” utility. Generally when you install PS7 brushes they would go in the directory C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop 7PresetsBrushes

    If that directory doesn’t exist it’d be something similar to that. Basically just extract the zip folders contents to wherever you like, then drag and drop them into that folder.

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