How to apply brushes without photoshop?

Question by Season Rain: How to apply brushes without photoshop?
The problem I’m having is, I want to apply brushes to my images but brushes mostly work with Adobe photoshops only. I don’t want 2 purchase the photoshop since I already have Photoscape and CorelDRAW graphic suitX4. Can anybody teach me how I can apply brushes using the programs I have coz I’m a beginner and it seems like adobe photoshop is the only choice? You can also provide me information about free programs(not trial) too that can use brushes. I appreciate your help!

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Answer by 1_4u_2nv
I cant help you with the programs you have but the best program to have for what you want to do is corel painter x (10)..I got a copy from ebay for around $ 40…it has endless brushes and you can create your own brush variants..

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