How do you angle your brush in photoshop?

Question by b.c.: How do you angle your brush in photoshop?
Im using this as a reference because i have always wondered if you can change the angle of a brush. Im sure this person who used this picture used a brush .. if not he just free transformed the select things on the wall. Is there anyway in fact to change the depth and such like this kid did?

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Answer by Gina P
Click on the Rotation button it’s right next to Thickness button.
And yes their are a lot of different plug ins to use to do photo editing stuff just like that photo you showed. In paint shop 12 go under Adjust and go down to where it says add depth to field . I hope this helps you

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  1. I am pretty certain that it is a transformed layer, using the perspective and scale options of the transform function, set to darken or multiply. Although you could make a brush to do that – you would have to draw it up first, then transform it before making the selection into a brush – however then you would only be able to apply it at that angle.

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