How do I find the Adobe CS4 Trial Version?

Question by Amanda H: How do I find the Adobe CS4 Trial Version?
I have looked all over the Adobe website, and since their launch of CS5, I have not been able to find the CS4 download for the trial version. Any help? I REALLY need to trial version!

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Answer by Kevin Siegel
Because of CS5’s imminent release (on April 30th, click here to be notified of its release: ), you can no longer search Adobe’s site to dl the CS4 trial. What you can do, however, is use the old link to the trial. You didn’t specify which product you were looking for so the link below is for PhotoShop. If you want a different product, delete where the link says photoshop and sub in what product you want, ie “indesign” or “illustrator.”

You will need to sign in with or create an Adobe account to download the trial.

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