How do I download a Photoshop Brush?

I can download it yea, such as this site.

I realli want the brush.

But the problem is it’s an ABR file, and everytime I click download, it opens with photoshop.

Usually when I load brushes it’s opens with a compressed folder.

I use Mozilla Firefox AND Internet Explorer, what should I do??

oh and by the way I use adobe photoshop 7.0

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    ABR files are Photoshop Brushes. It didn’t open with a compressed folder because the download above isn’t compressed. To install the brushes, quit Photoshop and then place the .abr file in the following directory:

    If you’re using a PC:
    Program Files > Adobe >Adobe Photoshop 7 > Presets > Brushes

    If you’re using a Mac:
    Home > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop 7 > Presets > Brushes

    Start Photoshop. If you don’t see the brushes, click on the little arrow located top-right of the Brushes palette and the select “Load Brushes” from the list. Find the .abr file you downloaded and then click “Load”.

    I’ve just installed these brushes in my version of Photoshop and it works fine. If you get stuck, drop me an email.

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