How do I add new Textures in Photoshop CS4?

Question by Baba: How do I add new Textures in Photoshop CS4?
I’m having problems with my Photoshop CS4. I downloaded a bunch of textures to my computer (zip, rar files) and now I have no idea what to actually do with them. I need help adding them. And another question – can I make them bigger somehow? Or will they just stay as small as I downloaded them? And guides – please as simple as you can, I’m a rookie! 🙂 Thank you.

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Answer by RiverCityGraphix
Textures are very similar to brushes in the way that they are imported to Photoshop. I have created a tutorial on how to import brushes here:

If you follow the tutorial, put the textures into the Textures folder instead of the Brushes one. If you found this helpful please check out my other tutorials at the links provided.

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