How do i add brushes to photoshop using winRAR?

Im at this website and i really like there brushes. I clicked download, and i have winRAR. But i dont understand how to get the brushes onto photoshop from there. Someone please help me out!

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  1. i dunno what version you have but:

    open up your photoshop folder (e.g. program files -> adobe -> photoshop)

    then go to presets -> brushes folder

    then drag the brush file you have to this folder.

    basic thing is, drag the file to the “brushes” folder of photoshop. same thing for gradients, textures, styles etc.

    just restart your photoshop will auto update. or load it from the app itself.

  2. you can also click on the arrow that leads to the brush options and then go down to LOAD BRUSHES and then click on the file that you extracted out of WINRAR

    …. after you extracted them from winrar of course

    do this by clicking the EXTRACT button on top and designating a place for them to go

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