Help – GIMP 2.6 won’t let me extract brushes?

I’ve had GIMP 2.6 for quite some time now. I have just recently been interested in getting some different brushes, as I use it often and would like to try some different styles. But when I downloaded the brushes I wanted, I tried to extract the brushes to the right folder(Computer>C:>Program Files>GIMP>2.0>brushes), but they never show up! I went through the process of making one inside of GIMP and saving it, which worked, yet it still won’t let me extract any. I also tried extracting it somewhere else and then copy/paste into the folder, but that didn’t do anything either. Any help? :/

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  1. that’s the main folder.
    try installing the brushes in your user’s folder:
    C:Documents and Settingsmyusername.gimp-2.6brushes

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