Copyright of Scanned Art turned into Photoshop Brushes, etc?

Question by Carolina: Copyright of Scanned Art turned into Photoshop Brushes, etc?
In sites like Deviantart, some people make photoshop brushes from the illustrations or photos of books and offer them for download and even charge for them sometimes.
Sometimes they also make brushes out of images from anywhere on the internet (“I made these brushes from images I found on google”). As if google was synonym for free, public owned images!

Isn’t it wrong to make brushes from book illustrations/photos and then offer them as photoshop brushes/textures/stock images?

Or is it ok for people to use them as long as they intervene them like Roy Lichtenstein did the comic book vignetes he blew up on canvas and painted?


Answer by Nahum
It probably depends on whether the original artist gives others license to modify their work.

Seems the end result of using such brushes is to simplify the process of adapting others’ work, which would likely fall under fair use laws. However, the responsibility for this doesn’t lie with the brush maker.

I don’t agree with those that charge for such brushes, unless they specifically have permission from the original artist. (You should probably report these to dA.)

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