Coloring a photoshop brush different colors?

Question by davee b: Coloring a photoshop brush different colors?
I am using an ‘underwater’ photoshop brush(es) and I need more than one color on my brush. like, I don’t want the starfish, seashell, seaweed and fish all the same color. and that’s what happens when you just stamp the photoshop brush down. I’ve looked all over google. does anyone know how to color in photoshop brushes with dif. colors?!! ahh this is driving me insane.

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Answer by Asdf
Open a new document, and make two new layers. Don’t do anything on the bottom white layer.
On the middle one, put your stamps in a light color. Try #e954ff.
On the top layer, just splash whatever colors you wanted the stamps to be. (If you need to, adjust the layer opacity so you can see where you’re drawing. Put it back to 100% when you’re done.)
Set the layer to “color” or “hue” and merge the two.

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  1. I’ll admit upfront that I’m not very experienced at this – I always just have to play around to come up with something I like. Anyhow…

    Select your brush and hit F5 on the keyboard to launch the brush tools.

    Put a checkmark in front of Color Dynamics and get in there and play with the settings. Pick a foreground and background color in your color palette and paint away. The settings control what happens between the two colors. That’s where I have to experiment.

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