Q&A: In Photoshop Elements how do you get a brush to fade from thick to thin?

Question by Hello: In Photoshop Elements how do you get a brush to fade from thick to thin?
I use Photoshop Elements 7
And i want the brush to fade so it goes from thick to thin.
For painting eyebrows, eyelashes etc.


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Answer by xxcutiegurlxx
How To Fade Brush Stroke From Thick To Thin?

It must still be possible to simply paint a stroke with the paint brush that will fade away from thick to thin and to then to nothing. I can do this easily in my trusty PS version 6, but I can’t find this feature in CS. (There’s something called “Fade” in CS, but it’s a whole different thing.) This is not a “nice-to-have” feature, it is essential. For example, it allows me to draw cartoons with lines that appear to be painted the way a brush makes lines that start out fat and gradually get thinner and thinner.

Many newcomers to Photoshop Elements shy away from the Brush tool, thinking they either don’t have the skill or the need for such “artistic” touches. That’s a shame because brushes happen to be one of the most useful tools in your image-editing arsenal. In Elements, you use brushes not only for drawing, but also to create borders, stamp decorative elements, build textures, selectively sharpen or blur parts of an image, edit layer masks, and much more. In fact, any time you selectively edit the pixels on your canvas, you’ll most likely be using a brush to do it.

I really hope you figure it out!

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How do I change my brush in Photoshop so that it goes from thin to thick and back to thin?

Question by Ari Berry: How do I change my brush in Photoshop so that it goes from thin to thick and back to thin?
I’ve tried changing it using different brush styles but I can’t figure out how everyone else seems to do it. Any help?

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Answer by Happy-go-lucky Rita
Are you using any tablet pen with thousand levels of touch sensitivity, which allows you to vary thickness of lines. I use Wacom intuos4 SMALL for my laptop.

I can’t help you with PhotoShop, as I am not a big fan of that software. I use Corel’s Painter that allows me to customize brushes in any way I like. Sometimes I use PhotoShop for some things.
A lot of digital artists work back and forth between PhotoShop and Painter. My artist sister does it too in a publishing company. Painter has a greater range of brushes than PhotoShop. Besides, you can customize your brushes there.

Painter 11 is very compatible with PhotoShop (both softwares are sisters invented by Mark Zimmer). You can open your PhotoShop files in Painter and work therein. After saving files, you can re-open them in PhotoShop, with all their layers and masks intact.
Painter can recognise PhotoShop files’ layers, masks, etc. In Painter, you can actually open new file and save it as any of PhotoShop formats.

You’ll love Painter as it is the most artist-friendly software you can ever find – and you’ll love their range of brushes as well.
By the way, the interface in Painter is somewhat similiar to that of PhotoShop. Some tools are similar as well. If you know your PhotoShop, then you can easily familiarize yourself with Painter.

I leave you with the links below:

Painter 11 official website
You can download the free trial of Painter 11 for 30 days.

http://www.paintermagazine.co.uk/ Painter Magazines
Painter Tips & Tricks
Speed painting videos: Digital Painting with Corel Painter 11
Painter tutorials by Corel.

Painter 11 tutorials on YouTube.

You can go to Youtube for PhotoShop tutorials.

@Edit. You might want to see ImagineFX magazine online. It has PhotoShop and Painter tutorials and showcases of digital artworks.

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How can i make my Photoshop brush fade from fat to thin while using it.?

Similar to the way that the brush looks in Adobe Flash
that just makes it transparent, and its not the flow either, that does something i cannot translate into words.
like this: http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee41/rauj13/Untitled-2-1.gif
Also, like my Pope?