Is there such a thing as a blending tool on CS4?

Question by Dorkshire: Is there such a thing as a blending tool on CS4?
Is there such a thing as a blending brush on Photoshop CS4, similar to the blending tools on Painter X? Where can I get this blending tool if there is one? Thanks!


Answer by Tim D
I don’t know the blending tool in Painter X, but I imagine it would be like the smudge and blur tools, the default icon in the tool palette looks like a waterdrop.

Is there any more brush options in PS Elements 6 besides type, size, opacity, and such of that?

I am a digital artist and I would like to do lineart using the version of PS I got with my tablet. However, I am unable to find a menu that can set the brush options like brush dynamics or texture. Is there such a thing? Or is Elements so watered down that I can’t?

Please help me out!

Is there such thing as too many brushes using Photoshop? Why can’t I can’t scroll down past a certain brush?

Do I have too many brushes on photoshop, or so many that my scroll bar won’t allow me to scroll down to the others. I have to use my scroll wheel to get to the ones that I loaded, and it takes forever. Does anyone know how to correct this? I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS2.