Q&A: Photoshop brush strokes overlapping problem?

Question by Dreamlore: Photoshop brush strokes overlapping problem?
Angry Problem with brush strokes overlapping
Im haveing a problem in PS cs2 where everytime a brush stroke overlaps another one the spot where the two intersect automaticly gets darker. I never use to have this problem ive reinstalled PS, reinstalled Wacom drivers and reinstalled windows lol. Even if i turn opacity up to 100% keep all blending styles on layers and brush set to normal it does it. The only way to get rid of it is to disable all pen presure settingsin in the brush controlls like “shape dynamics and other dynamics” But doing that creates another problem in itself because you lose all pressure sensitive controlls in PS and it makes your are take on a real blocky look.
Anyways im only having this problem in PS i have painter x and it still works like it always has. This has put a complete stop to any kind of work i can do in photoshop because with this happening there is no smooth way to blend greyscale values without overlaping area becoming darker. Has anyone encountered this problem before and do you know how to fix it?

Ive even made a youtube video to better illustrate what im talking about. I know it the video my opacity is set to 30% because i do use this setting alot, but i get the same result just in darker values when its set to 100% as well. video is here:


Please guys im desprate i miss using photoshop same problem happens in cs2 and cs4
as requested here is a new video with what you asked me to do, or at least what i think you meant

oops sorry didnt make the video upload in HD like the first one, ya i tried the pencil, with all the pen pressure settings enabled i get a really like stroke when pressing light and a really dark when pressing hard, wich is good, until the two spots overlap it still makes that spot darker, basically i want them to remain the same shade they already are unless i purposely press harder to make them darker, i want them to be able to meat each other and mix without darkening

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Answer by LarryB_82
In the video you posted, your foreground color is set to black and your brush opacity is approximately 30%. What you are demonstrating in the video is exactly what is supposed to happen.

– The first stroke mixes black and white to produce gray.
– In the intersecting areas, the second stroke mixes black and gray to produce a darker shade of gray.

Can you demonstrate this problem again with your foreground color set to a shade of gray and your opacity set to 100%.



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How do I get rid of these jagged brush strokes in Photoshop Elements 7?

Question by Penelope: How do I get rid of these jagged brush strokes in Photoshop Elements 7?

the one on the left was from one of my recent projects but the one on the right is older. i don’t think it has anything to do with the image size…

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Answer by Quiff
Despite saying the image size has nothing to do it with it does look like a moire pattern. That been the screen resolution and image resolution. If you select actual pixels on the zoom, they should have gone.

Generally speaking it shouldn’t show up when you print, although I have known it to. To rectify this I resized it according to the printer capabilities I.E. 300dpi

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when i go on adobe photoshop, my brush strokes are dots not a smooth line…what did i do?

Question by Sara: when i go on adobe photoshop, my brush strokes are dots not a smooth line…what did i do?
I like to draw and i can’t really do that when my lines are dots…it looks bad. 🙁

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Answer by A C
Press the Shift key to make your lines look neat and look good
So Click Hold Shift Then Click to get a straight line.

Hope this helps

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Is there a function in photoshop to smooth brush strokes like in flash?

Question by V. Vicious: Is there a function in photoshop to smooth brush strokes like in flash?
I love the way Flash automatically smoothes out the lines, can photoshop do that?

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Answer by amybeader
You will have to experiment with the brush settings in Photoshop. There isn’t really anything that automatically smooths lines, but you do have a lot of ways of setting controls for how your brushes work.

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Q&A: Adobe Photoshop brush tool problem. brush strokes always turn out strait lines?

Question by martian santa: Adobe Photoshop brush tool problem. brush strokes always turn out strait lines?
for some reason when i use the the brush tool it always turns out as a strait line and not as a brush stroke that moves with the pen.
it happens only when i use myWacom Intuos-3 in Photoshop. it doesn’t happen when i use the mouse in Photoshop.and it doesn’t happen with the brush tool in adobe flash ( using the Wacom tablet)
can any one help
what is the problem?
thank you JackBond
i think it were the shift keys on the tablet

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Answer by JackBond
Make sure the shift key is not pressed, and that nothing is emulating the shift key (like pen buttons on the tablet).

Try unplugging and re-plugging the tablet.

Try resetting the profile for Photoshop.

Try re-installing the driver for the Intuos.

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adobe photoshop help, brush strokes continuous, please help, will award best answer.?

ok i am using abobe photoshop cs3, when i use the brush on photoshop, and i color a place in on the picture with the opacity set to 40%, then when i let go of the mouse and click on a different selection again it makes the brush stroke darker than what it was before, i forget how to change it so that it will stay a continuous stroke all through the picture, even when i let go of the mouse to do another brush stroke, thanks

Where can I find Photoshop brushes that simulate realistic strokes?

I’m specifically looking for .abr files for use in Adobe Photoshop. I’d like to find some brushes that simulate realistic strokes in acrylic paint, oil paint, or watercolor. I don’t want watercolor “splats”, I want brushes similar to those in Corel Painter, that create a realistic and textured feel.

Please provide specific links if you can, saying that I might find them on a certain site WILL NOT help me at all.

Thank you very much!

In Photoshop, how can I give a picture jagged edges, like brush strokes? I don’t want to do this by hand.

I also don’t want the whole picture to look like brush strokes. In Corel, it was an easy setting called a creative frame. Don’t know how to do it in Photoshop, though (I have version CS2)

I am having a problem with Adobe Flash CS3! Blue boxes around my brush strokes?

I have noticed that when I draw in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, these blue boxes show around each and every brush stroke that I make. Not only is this frustrating, it distracts me from my work and prohibits me from creating multi-brush-stroke objects.

How do I turn off these blue boxes! They’re driving me insane!
These are NOT the light blue boxes around my objects, they are dark blue boxes around my brush strokes. They annoy me!