I need some help for my Photoshop CS2…?

1) Okay, so I want to blend images (more than 2) together. I made a collage from paint and I want to blend them in photoshop CS2. The image size is 958×599 and when paste the image. It just re-size itself to a really small image, it’s really pissing me off because it gets annoying once in a while. Help?

2) So I want to put patterns and brushes on my Photoshop CS2. See I use to have Photoshop CS3 and when you download something and click on the file, it automatically just go to my CS3. But CS2 is different. How do I put it there?

3) What’s the best free font website that you go when you want more fonts in your photoshop? Anywhere except dafont.com 🙂

All answers appreciated. Thank you!
Oh yeah, does anyone know where can I get the Twilight movie font for free?

What are some good sites for getting brushes for Photoshop 7 from?

So far I have Brusheezy and Kloud 9. Please don’t say ‘Do a Google search”, I’m asking to find out what sites other people use and I already did a Google search. I’m just curious as to what some good sites are that may have slipped under the radar.