Photoshop Elements 8 Smart Brush Tool Not Working?

Question by bostic1212: Photoshop Elements 8 Smart Brush Tool Not Working?
In Photoshop Elements 8, I cannot get my smartbrush tool to work. The screen in the layers palette just shows black even when I run the cursor over the image several times to either darken or brighten the image. Any suggestions?


Answer by Mujer Alta
Click on the Smartbrush Tool. Click on the little arrow over on the far left side of the Options Bar and click on Reset This Tool. If you ever have problems with any tool in the toolbar, always reset it before doing anything else.

If resetting the tool doesn’t work, reset the program’s Preferences File (which sets the program back to factory defaults, to the same condition it was in when you first installed it). Close the program. Wait a minute then hold down the Shift+CTRL+ALT and open the program like you normally do. KEEP HOLDING THE KEYS DOWN until a pop up appears asking if you want to delete and rebuild the file. Release the keys and click Yes/OK. It will take Elements a while to open while it deletes and rebuilds the file.

If Resetting the Preferences file doesn’t work, you’re going to have to uninstall/reinstall;-(

Before resetting the Preferences file or uninstalling, be sure to save any add-ons (brushes, styles, etc.) you’ve added to the program into another folder outside the program so you can reinstall them afterwards.

Q&A: How to Smart Sharpen an image sequence in Photoshop CS4?

Question by coolx3000: How to Smart Sharpen an image sequence in Photoshop CS4?
I want to process an image sequence in Photoshop. I can import a sequence of images and then apply smart sharpen filter to each image individually. This is a pain. I want to Smart Sharpen the whole sequence at once. Is there an option like that in Photoshop CS4?

Best answer:

Answer by Jane Tipper
Yes you can. Find your actions tab/menu/whatever…. WINDOW > ACTIONS… Pull out the little arrow at the top and click new action, name it and tell it where to be (default is fine) then hit record.

Do your smart sharpen filter and whatever else you want to later apply to all of the images to just that one image. Then go back to the actions at the bottom and hit stop for it to stop recording. You should see whatever you named your action listed at the very bottom.

Next make sure all of the images you want to apply this to are in one single folder.

This will bring up a menu that says set: for you to find where you saved your action then action where you should choose whatever you named your action and source which will let you browse or choose and select your folder with all of the images you want to apply your smart sharpen to.

Hit ok and it should pull up everything in that folder you selected and apply the same “action” to all of them.

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Add more colors to smart brush in Photoshop Essentials 8?

Hi, I have Adobe Photoshop Essentials 8 and you can use the smart brush tool to change the color of some objects, however, they only have a few colors to select from there. I was wondering if I would be able to add more colors to recolor objects?