How do I select an image or layer on Photoshop CS4?

Question by j1 projectz: How do I select an image or layer on Photoshop CS4?
In the old PS 7, I could select an image or layer by holding down Control and clicking on the layer. That would make those “moving ants” border along whatever is in the layer. I want to just work with that single layer.

I can’t seem to do that in CS4??


Answer by Kyp
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Mouse-click on the layer’s thumb.

Photoshop cs3 keeps crashing when I select the text tool.?

Photoshop cs3 keeps crashing when I select the font tool. Can anyone help me? Also when I open some previous saved .psd documents it crashes right then and there. Is there some plugins I might have to update or does something need to be updated. I have tried everything possible and nothing works. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the program twice.
This is the photoshop cs3 and I have 4 Gigs of ram so the RAM isn’t the problem. The program works great. the brushes,pen tool, etc works but, when I click on the font tool it crashes. I even updated to the new photoshop but it continues to crash when I select the font tool. I recently added a lot of new fonts could this be the problem if so what can I do to solve this problem? Thanks….

How can i make it so in photoshop when i select a brush, its a preview not just crosshairs?

I select to brush and all that comes up is a 1 pixel shape, it brushes correctly but until i actually click to brush i cannot tell if i have it where i want it or if it looks how i want it?

I accidentally set the alt key in Photoshop CS3 to select the BG color. How do I swap it back?

In the brush tool, it selects the color, but it’s always set to the background color. I can’t seem to figure out to how I did it or fix it in the shortcut pane. Anyone got any ideas?