need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?

Question by Woop: need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?
need help with Photoshop cs 5. Brush problem.?
So i have Cs 5 i think its the extended edition but it looks nothing like the other photo shops i;ve used. almost all the same features (its missing some from what i remember of the cs2 version) i cant find any brushes that don’t end with a sharp edge if you get me? usually the brushes i used would start faint until you add more pressure then the line would become the block colour you are using and as think as thick as you’ve selected then when ending the pen stroke it trails off like it gets thinner at the end of a stroke, but for some reason there is non of that type! I need that style of brush for the project im working on aswell. 🙁

Do you understand me?

I have a wacom tablet if that helps.

How do i find a brush like that? Or tweak a brush so that it becomes like that


Answer by Mega
I think I understand.

Usually it’s two cases.

1. There is no brush itself.
solve>>Go to the brush option bar. Then click the ‘Brush preset picker’.
Click the right top button. On the bottom, you can see groups blahblah Brushes.
Click one of them and Click Append. Do this to all of them and you’ll be able to find brush you want.

2. When you paint some part, there is just one color and that’s all.(No strength controlling)
solve>>You’ll see ‘Flow’ on the brush option bar. control the percentage and you’ll know the difference

Problem with loading Photoshop Brushes – Help?

Question by Kanskje: Problem with loading Photoshop Brushes – Help?
In the past, I have installed Photoshop brushes by moving them into the folder “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 4.0\Presets\Brushes”.

However I recently moved some more brushes into this folder and renamed them. I have done this with all other brushes in the past – right click, rename. And they have worked fine.

But now my Photoshop is saying it cannot recognize ANY of the brushes, even the ones I had been using beforehand. It comes up with the old names in the program and says they do not exist. None of my brushes work and I have to load them all seperately and find the file myself in order to use them.

I have tried reseting the brushes in Photoshop Elements but this has not solved the problem. Any help would be very appreciated!
I know how to extract a zip file, and all files in that folder are ABR. But they still do not work, which is strange.


Answer by Leo L
Be sure that your brushes are fully compatible with your Photoshop. Otherwise, Just download brushes from the internet that is compatible with your Photoshop version.

Q&A: photoshop brush problem?

Question by earth602moon: photoshop brush problem?
i’ve downloaded many brushes and many of’em are transparent even i set all the transparent option to 100%, so i’m havin that trouble for a long time,(i currently copy the Layer i brushed several times to make it dark) Is there a short way to fix this problem? and anyone share this problem with me?


Answer by Priyanka
helpdesk softwares-

Photoshop problem (related to brushes)?

Question by missmurder7779: Photoshop problem (related to brushes)?
I keep trying to download brushes from sites .Well I do download them cause it says complete.But I can never find it on my photoshop brush list. I don’t know if i’m not saving it in the right folder ugh I can’t even find a photoshop folder on my computer!!! Where am I supposed to save it???


Answer by Ms. Pirate
I assume you are using Windows?

This is the file path

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes

Sometimes the program files folder is set to hidden, you should be able to click on a link that says “show contents”. You simply need to paste the ABR file in the “brushes” folder.

I hope this helps.

Q&A: Problem with photoshop brush…?

Question by Joey K: Problem with photoshop brush…?
I’m new to photoshop, but am doing an extremely detailed project which requires i color one pixel at a time. whenever i click on one pixel, it turns halfway white, and sometimes affects the other pixels around it. i have tried using the polygonal lasso tool to select by pixel, and then filling in with white, but the same happens. advice please!


Answer by 11th
Don’t use the brush tool, use the pencil tool. It is the secondary tool of the brush, so hit shift-B or or click on brush tool in the tool box and then choose it, it should be directly below the brush tool in the little box that opens.

I have a Problem with Photoshop Brushes!

Question by antonio: I have a Problem with Photoshop Brushes!
Well, I’m having a problem with photoshop brushes, because every-time I use the pen tool, to create a stimulated pressure line, or dash; the brush or, path turns to be nothing but just a regular brush, line. Lanky and straight, can anyone help? Does anyone have the Default photoshop brush settings for your shape dynamics, and all of your presets? Thanks!


Answer by rwitcherley
you can reset the brushes to default yourself. go on the brush click at the top where you change your brush and right click or click the little arrow in the top right corner then click reset brushes this will set them to default you can do this to everything else too i think just have a look through the menus

Q&A: photoshop brush, color problem?

Question by u l y s s a: photoshop brush, color problem?
im using cs3 right now. and my problem is that my brush is always color white even if i choose other colors..
can someone help me how to fix this thing?


Answer by M3taSpl0it™
Hmm i think you need to RESET your photoshop settings , which can done here:

It should help i think ))

Problem with my photoshop brushes?

Question by CandyCane: Problem with my photoshop brushes?
Sometimes, when I’m using Photoshop (I use CS2), I’ll select the brush, and start brushing. Then suddenly the shape of the brush (for instance a default round brush) will suddenly turn to crosshairs. I try changing the brushes, doing different sizes, but no matter what brush I select, instead of seeing the outline of the brush on the canvas, I see this little crosshair thing. I have to shut Photoshop down and then restart it. Is there a way to stop it from doing this, or correct it withouth having to shut down Photoshop and restart the program?


Answer by stephen1424
You can change the brush display shape.



Display and Cursors

Choose “Brush Size” instead of “Precise”

Q&A: Problem entering serial number for Photoshop CS4?

Question by Mel: Problem entering serial number for Photoshop CS4?
I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS4 and a day later I got a serial number. I thought every time you open the program it’s supposed to ask if you have a serial number or still want to continue the trial. Well nothing popped up when I opened it again.

How do I enter the serial number?


Answer by Sanju
well maybe it could be a beta version

Q&A: Adobe Photoshop brushes Problem?

Question by aman L: Adobe Photoshop brushes Problem?
I try to use brushes on my photoshop, but it doesn’t seem to work. I cant click on any of the brush as it is locked (an icon of lock next ot the brush) .anyone knows the solution?


Answer by eixlsl
Make sure you have the paintbrush tool selected from the tool palette first. Then they will be unlocked.

They appear locked with all other tools cuz the other tools are not brush tools. Once you click on the paintbrush tool, they’ll all be unlocked and available for use.