Loading Photoshop Brushes??? please HELP?

Question by Even Deeper Inside Of You: Loading Photoshop Brushes??? please HELP?
Ok I extracted and saved the brushes under c directory- adobe – presets – brushes …im sure yet when i open adobe photoshop and go to brushes to load they are not there?!?!???
…so i cant download them…

Heres the weird thing…when i open the brushes without the program itsel( here i mean by just going to my computer – c drive – program files – adobe – presets – brushes ) they ARE there…

What do i have to do to be able to open the brushes?

and i have tried to download them again, but the same thing happens…

Thank You


Answer by Don M
You need to double click the brushes where they are stored to open the download.
I am a little confused at the fact why you would download or need to there is a wide array of all the brushes you need that come with the software. This program is for professional use and there are 4 different places you can choose to alter your brushes in size and style of brush to use. Look around a little.


ive just installed adobe photoshop cs4 and when i click on the start menu and the icon for it to launch it, it comes up with the lisenced agreement and everytime i click agree and once i have done that nothing happens!
its really annoying and i really want to go on it. it is the trial version by the way.

please help.
all answers will be appreciated.


Answer by メランコリー
do you mind to try reinstalling?
or maybe you should ask Adobe’s Customer Service, i think

Photoshop Brush Help Please?

Question by Marshall: Photoshop Brush Help Please?
I was just wondering if you can rotate brushes and if you can, how do you?



Answer by Lexa La Ballerina
Ummm… Which photoshop are you talking about?

I use CS2, and there’s an icon on the left side for the brush tool, right click on it~ it should let you choose which brush & size you want to use.

photoshop brushes help please!?

Question by sqiurrell: photoshop brushes help please!?
I was just wondering how to save brushes on photoshop???

I saw some really cool brushes on deviantART and i really wish i knew how to use them


Answer by Jason F
1. Create a New Image
2. Change your Color palette to Black and White
3. Create your new brush (Whites are transparent, The Grey will represent the level of transparency.)
4. Go to Edit, Define Brush Preset and Name your Brush

Q&A: Some help with downloading photoshop brushes please!!!?

Question by ab2k7: Some help with downloading photoshop brushes please!!!?
Here is the page with the brush i want to download:
but it is an ABR. file and when I run the download it just takes me to the main start up page of photoshop. Any ideas how I can make it a .ZIP normal file so i can just extract the files ???


Answer by GH057
Place the *.abr files into:
Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop X\Presets\Brushes where X is the version number for your version of Photoshop.

Brushes created in Photoshop 7 or later will not work in earlier versions of Photoshop. Any Photoshop brushes should work in Photoshop 7 and later.

From the Brushes Palette in Photoshop, click the small arrow in the upper right corner of the palette, and choose load brushes. The brushes will be added to the current brushes.

photoshop brush’s? please help?

Question by Katey Barton: photoshop brush’s? please help?
i’m new to photohop and i was wondering how you make the brush.. normal? its hard to explain. but i don’t like how its really light colored, (like when im using the color black) and when you keep brushing the same spot it get’s darker and darker. i just want it plain black. idk i guess im stupid haha


Answer by Littlecoo
You can change the brush characteristics in the ‘brushes’ palette. To do this- select the brush tool from the tools palette and then choose the brush type you want to modify. Now you need to open the ‘brushes’ palette by either pressing the F5 key or by going to ‘Window=>Brushes” in the top menu bar in Photoshop. This should open up the brushes palette with your current brush active as well as all the settings etc available for that brush, you can adjust these settings to change the brush characteristics and behaviour to what ever you want and even save your adjustments as a new custom brush.

Q&A: Photoshop brush cursor? help please :(?

Question by Clarissa: Photoshop brush cursor? help please :(?
(using CS3) My brush cursor used to be a hollow circle (gets bigger or smaller depending on the brush size), which makes it easier to see what i’ll be painting. Now, its just the brush icon. No, the caps lock doesnt fix it. How do i change it back to the hollow circle? Please Help 🙁


Answer by iDesign71
Go to Photoshop>Preferences. Click on Display & Cursors. Here you will find a section on Painting Cursors. Likely Standard is selected at the moment, change to Normal Brush Tip and you should have the hollow circle back.

Q&A: Photoshop brushes won’t work..HELP PLEASE !?

Question by Tali U: Photoshop brushes won’t work..HELP PLEASE !?
Okay my brushes use to work then now they don’t..they appear but i have to put to layers of paint on the background and it will be the colour of the first paint background (if that makes sense), not the colour ive selected? i don’t now whats the problem? any instructions, tips would be helpful?


Answer by crsimon36
I think you know that the color used by the brush is dependent on the foreground color. To correct weird problems, reset the Preferences. Do this by pressing and hold the Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys of launch of PS. When asked about deleting a file, reply YES. Let PS start. Close and reopen. It will take longer to re-start as it builds the preferences file.

If its possible…How can you use photoshop brushes on The Gimp? Step by step Instructions needed PLEASE HELP!

Question by Jelly: If its possible…How can you use photoshop brushes on The Gimp? Step by step Instructions needed PLEASE HELP!
I’m a total novice but I have some really nice photoshop brushes that a friend said should work on The Gimp. Photoshop is way 2 expensive for me so If theres no way to use these brushes…to the recycle bin they go. If they can be used Im totally lost as to where to put them to make them work and then how to get to them and use them. Tell me how and get a prize! Just Kidding but you WILL get Best Answer lol! Thanks 4 your help. Luv U All~


Answer by thank u com agan
Long tutorial but it should work:

Photoshop brushes only paint white – PLEASE HELP!?

Question by a.: Photoshop brushes only paint white – PLEASE HELP!?
The color dynamics option is faded for brushes. I have restarted Photoshop, my computer, reset brush settings, etc.

The brushes only paint white and won’t change color. Please help.


Answer by Cs24
Im going to assume you mean just black and white, at which case make sure when you start a new painting to change the “color mode” to something other than bitmap