How do I get photoshop to use the brushes I downloaded from online?

I have photoshop elements 6.0. I try downloading some new brushes, and I save them in the Brushes Folder. I tried going to my photoshop program, going to brushes and then clicking load, but it said ‘This folder is empty’. The brushes had an ending of .abr too. What am I doing wrong?

On Photoshop, my brush tool shows as a stamp tool, help!?

When I click the Brush tool, the stamp tool shows (its a little star shape)! How do I get the brush tool to be a circle again?

By the way, I have a mac computer 10.5.6 (its very new)
I tried clicking the arrow, but the only options it gives is pencil tool, and color replacement tool.

Photoshop CS4 Brush Problems?

I remember with CS3 I could go in full screen mode and see the full brush I’m using no matter what size it is, with CS4 I have no clue how to see an over sized brush if it becomes big then the cross hair precision brush appears. (My problem is not the caps lock thing and I have checked my brush cursor setting to normal brush tip.)