Step by step directions to add photoshop brushes to

Question by Creative 101: Step by step directions to add photoshop brushes to
n yes it is possible i have dun it before but I HAVE FORGOT HOW LOL
besides the website amy….. left

i have those brushes already

how can i add em frm


Answer by amybeader
There’s a tutorial on this site for using Photoshop brushes on

Photoshop brushes in paint.NET?

Question by Softball freak !: Photoshop brushes in paint.NET?
Ok, so I read that you can use photoshop brushes in paint.NET, but when I downloaded the file for the brushes (C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects) and went into paint.NET to use them, they weren’t there. Anyone know why?


Answer by scotsgrl
To use photoshop brushes in paint you first have to download the draw with custome brushes plug-in at Once you have downloaded that you can file a custome brushes folder in you documents. This is where you will download the dll. files for your custome brushes.