In photoshop CS4, can I use the patch tool to cover light over dark?

Question by dvy_jones_locker: In photoshop CS4, can I use the patch tool to cover light over dark?
Im new to photoshop & I’m trying to cover-up a tattoo sleeve with skin from the other arm using the patch tool. Even with the opacity option set a 100% the tattoos show pretty much through. Should I use another tool instead?


Answer by lim_tohhan
Perhaps you could try the clone stamp tool. Hold Alt as you click on that patch of skin on the other arm to define the source, then release Alt and apply the clone stamp on the patch of skin with the tattoo.

The clone stamp tool looks like a stamp and is two items beneath the patch tool.

Photoshop Brushes are light.?

Question by Dexter: Photoshop Brushes are light.?
i just made a couple of new brushes on Photoshop cs3 and when i use them they are like a light gray instead of fully black and i have the color of the brush to be black?
any help?
yea it gets darker if i add the same brush on top of the same one.


Answer by Bzzzz!
Does it get darker every time you paint over it with the same brush? If so, you might have it set on a low opacity. You can fix that on the top in the brushes option just set the opacity to 100%

Why is my brush only showing up in light pink in Photoshop?

Question by Ben B: Why is my brush only showing up in light pink in Photoshop?
Iv been drawing a picture in photoshop for a while now and all of a sudden my brush turned a bright peach-pink colour.
the colour window says the brush is black and the erasor tool wont work on any of the lined i drew before the brush turned pink. only the pink ones.

Best answer:

Answer by Mujer Alta
Sounds like you might be in Quick Mask Mode. Press the letter q on the keyboard to toggle out of it.

Make sure you’re using the Brush Tool and not a selection brush.

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Why is it that when I color a light streak in a picture with Photoshop CS2 it comes back as a white streak?

Hope anyone can help… any answer is welcome! I’m pretty new with Photoshop, I have the CS2 version. I got a basic tutorial online on how to do light streaks in pictures. I started doing some of them and they were great but all of a sudden, anytime I do one now when I do the color in the inner glow it comes back as white. Here are the basic steps I go to do this:
1. I create a new layer (and I plan to work with it)
2. Select the pen tool and trace the path I want in the picture
3. Save the path.
4. I make sure that the foreground/background color are white/black.
5. Select the brush I want to stroke the path with (I use the brush #40, with pen pressure selected and the spacing is set at 1%)
6. I stroke the path. (obviously by this time the streak is a white one, but the form of it is just how I want it)
7. Go to Style and select Inner Glow.
8. In Inner Glow options, choose Blend Mode: Linear Light, pick the color I want, set the size to 10px and that’s it.
9. Select Outer Glow and do the same as Inner Glow with some changes: a lighter color than the one selected for Inner Glow and set the size to 30px.

When I finish this steps the “light” streak I have made should appear in the picture with the colors I have chosen but instead the inner glow shows as white and the outer one with the one I have selected.

I’ve changed the foreground color to the one I want my streak and it doesn’t work, I’ve done it as well with the background color. I’ve changed the “px” in the inner glow option and it didn’t work. I have done other things also but they never seem to work, I’m running out of ideas here.

Can you please help me out and let me know what I need to do so the streaks I make are in the full colors I have chosen!