How do you import brushes into Adobe PhotoShop 7?

Every time I try and open the brush file I’ve downloaded it just opens up PS and I don’t know what to do. I’ve always used Paint Shop in the past and most of those brushes are WinRAR files.

Please help. I’m starting to get really frustrated with it.
I don’t have an option for what file format to download it in… I get all my brushes off of deviantART, if that helps at all…

Photoshop Elements 6, I made stamps into brushes and now there gone!!!! Help me PLEASE!!!?

I made stamps into brushes just like your suppose to. I used them a few times too. I decided to check out their other brush options cause I was going to use one of them, but when I looked at mine, they were all gone!!!! I can’t find a way to get them back, I’ve tried all I could. Please help, I took four hours on changing stamps I wanted into brushes!!! They have to be somewhere!! I’ve tried Photoshop help, but it doesn’t help me.