10 Points For The First Person To Answer Correctly! Getting a Gird on Adobe CS4 Slide?

Question by Help Me Out!: 10 Points For The First Person To Answer Correctly! Getting a Gird on Adobe CS4 Slide?
I need to know how to put a grid (checker board) onto a Adobe Flash CS4 slide so I can get things exactly where I want them. Only problem is I don’t know how to. So my question is, How do I put a grid onto an Adobe CS4 Slide?
Please do not tell me to use my X and Y coordinates. Please just answer my question. Thank You Guys So Much.


Answer by Lightningwire
Unless you need the exact X,Ys (like in a map) just import any gridded jpg into the slide and send it to the back of page. Organize you slide accordingly and delete the grid jpg once complete. (google grid images for good examples)

I do this sometimes in powerpoint to ensure each slide is setup the same.

Note: there also maybe a snap to grid option under the edit toolbar?

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