Q&A: Photoshop brush cursor? help please :(?

Question by Clarissa: Photoshop brush cursor? help please :(?
(using CS3) My brush cursor used to be a hollow circle (gets bigger or smaller depending on the brush size), which makes it easier to see what i’ll be painting. Now, its just the brush icon. No, the caps lock doesnt fix it. How do i change it back to the hollow circle? Please Help 🙁


Answer by iDesign71
Go to Photoshop>Preferences. Click on Display & Cursors. Here you will find a section on Painting Cursors. Likely Standard is selected at the moment, change to Normal Brush Tip and you should have the hollow circle back.

Photoshop CS4-The size of the brush cursor does NOT properly show the size or area to be affected by the brush?

Question by mooser53: Photoshop CS4-The size of the brush cursor does NOT properly show the size or area to be affected by the brush?
To see an example of this cursor problem go to this site and see the Photoshop Brush Problem photo. www.flickr.com/photos/84392724@N00/
The cursor is the size of a quarter but the area affected by the brush is like the size of a dime. There is a similar ratio regardless of the brush size, big or small. Also note a characteristic of this unwanted brush is that the outline is very jagged, not a smooth circle. This makes it impossible to do detailed work when one is not sure where the brush alteration will occur. I have seriously searched hours to remedy this issue……. The photo is just a stamp tool cloning a black roof to the sky to show the small area affected vs. the brush size. I use CS4, and no pen tablet.

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Answer by gryphon1911
It looks like your brush tip is not a circle, but some other kind of shape.

You might want to get a book or take a class to learn how to properly use a $ 700 program. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ve just wasted almost $ 1000.

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Photoshop brush cursor help.?

Question by Dennis C: Photoshop brush cursor help.?
Normally in photoshop, when im using any brush, it shows me the sillhouette of the brush, and the areas it will effect when i use it.

About 5 minutes ago, the brush turned into a uniform sized dot, with a sort of crosshair around it. That cursor you get when you make a brush extremely small, so the crosshairs help track where you move it. Ive tried restarting photoshop, changing the brush and brush size, but nothing works. From a size one circular brush, to a 2500 size splatter effect brush, it just shows the crosshair and dot, its so hard trying to work like this, help! O:

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Answer by Jagadish
check your CAPS LOCK.. if the caps lock is on the cursors turn in to what u see right now…

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Is there a way to somehow increase the cursor for my brush on Adobe Photoshop CS2?

Question by sweet lies.: Is there a way to somehow increase the cursor for my brush on Adobe Photoshop CS2?
I JUST downloaded Photoshop and I began to draw using a real thin brush, but the cursor for the thin brush is so tiny, and I’m so blind, I can’t see it! 🙁 Is there any way to somehow make the cursor bigger or anything? Please, please help!

By the way, I’m using a MacBook.

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Answer by iDesign71
Immediately underneath your menu bar on the left side of the screen you will find a brush icon and next to this a brush size icon – a little dot with a drop down arrow on the right. Click on the arrow to open and you will see a master diameter with a figure in px. Adjust this figure or drag slider to the size you want, ie the larger the value the thicker your brush will be. Press return and draw your shape.

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adobe photoshop help: i want my brush/eraser/etc to not just be a cursor. I want the screen to show…?

Let me try to explain…

Right now, when i use some tools like the brush/eraser/pencil, the screen only shows a cursor on my screen… just a small cross. I want it to show the actual brush size (e.g. a big circle) How can I do this? Where is it in the menu? What is the shortcut key to change this?

I think I sometimes accidentally press the shortcut key (whatever it is)… sometimes it’s in “cursor mode”, sometimes its in “actual size mode”. It really bothers me. I’ve tried different combinations of keys… and tried to look for it in the menus. I can’t figure it out. I’m getting really frustrated. Can anyone help out?

BTW, I’m using adobe photoshop cs4, if that makes any difference. Thank you.

Why am I losing my normal painting cursor in Photoshop?

For some reasons when I select my paint brush in photoshop I am only getting a cross-hare cursor instead of the one with the circle (that shows the painting area of the selected brush), which I selected in my preferences. How do I sort this out?

CS3 by the way

How do I reset the “Cross Cursor” in Photoshop CS4?

Everytime I click on a Tool in Photoshop the cursor always stays as a Cross Cursor? I am so used to having it the normal way where you size it up or down using the keyboard such as eraser, brushes, etc.. now I’m getting just a cross cursor with a dot in the middle… please help..

Photoshop brush cursor problem?

My cursor setting is normal brush tips. But for some unknown reset, my brush cursor only show part of the shape of the selected brush. When my change the bursh size smaller, the shape is complete but when I change it to bigger size, some part of the shape disappeared. I think somehow the photoshop only show a certain size of the shape so when I increase the brush size, the shape out of that size is not shown. I have tried to reset my setting but it does not work.

Anyone….. Help…..
I also tried Caps Lock. It does not work either.

Problems with my cursor in photoshop elements 7?

When I select a brush size, it doesn’t show how big it is on the paper with the cursor. It shows up above where you indicate your brush size. For example I turned it all the way up to the biggest size and no matter what the size the cursor won’t show it. Then after you click down and do your work you can see the result of that size but that is too late. I can’t get an accurate job done. Please help!!!