Crop by specific dimensions with Photoshop CS4?

Question by askingbullshit: Crop by specific dimensions with Photoshop CS4?
How can i crop a picture using specific dimensions using Photoshop CS4 ?
When i enter the height and width values and then try to crop the image the values simply dissapear.


Answer by Ryan
I would open a new window in cs4 with those specific dimensions and also open the picture to be cropped (make sure both windows are set at same resolution) then drag the picture from it’s window to the new one and move it around til it is situated the way you want and save that.

Photoshop Crop and Watermark???

I was wondering in Photoshop CS, is there anyway I can crop a picture using a particular brush?

I have my own business, and had someone design a brush for my site, I would like to use that brush to crop my pictures to match my designs. Is that possible? If so, can someone show me how to do it?

Also, how do I watermark a picture??