Q&A: How do you color in a brush in Photoshop CS4?

Question by Max: How do you color in a brush in Photoshop CS4?
I am new to Photoshop and was wondering how exactly you color in a brush.
To let you see what i mean exactly here is a link.


Here you see some brushes. How exactly do you color a brush like that. I have the brushes but don’t know exactly how to do this. Do you have a tutorial or a you tube clip that can demonstrate how this is done. I don’t know exactly what to search for. Searching for”coloring brush” for example brings techniques i that are too simple for this. So if you can help me I’d be grateful


Answer by ilan
you decompress the brushes in your photoshops presets /brushes folder, they become available in photoshop when you start it; the brushes can be not just strokes and patterns but also objects and elements. take a looksy and you’ll see what i mean. 🙂

Q&A: change brush color in photoshop cs4 extended?

Question by M41L3 !: change brush color in photoshop cs4 extended?
this sounds stupid. hah.
but I’m trying to use a brush, and it will only go on as white.
I’ve made sure the image is on RGB,
and I’ve made sure that the color i want is chosen,
and I’ve tried the brush setting on normal and on color,
and neither will work.



Answer by Eve
Check that brush opacity and flow are at 100%

Your layer settings are Normal and layer opacity and fill are 100%?

Every time i try to use a brush in adobe photoshop, it shows up white, and I can’t seem to change the color.?

Question by x1swtmemorii: Every time i try to use a brush in adobe photoshop, it shows up white, and I can’t seem to change the color.?
My background color is white, and I changed my foreground color, but it still shows up white.


Answer by ♪|<$ ♪ ≈ ƒ☼×y /\/\α†╠╗
Did you press the wrong button on your mouse? If yes, then press the right button on your mouse to show up that foreground color in your picture.

How Do I Change The Color Of a Car on Adobe Photochop CS4?

Question by jdm_nsx_type_r: How Do I Change The Color Of a Car on Adobe Photochop CS4?
Well I just bought Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and I’ve seen where people change the color of a car and it looks like it came that way, like as if the car was painted like that. I know a fairly decent amount of stuff on Photoshop and Have a book on it beingshippedd to me but that will be a week or two. So if anyone knows how to do it or if I have to get some new plug ins please let me know. Thank you in advanced.


Answer by alyson=]
Here are some websites, I hope this helps:


my photoshop brushes won’t change color?

Question by kahoko and len lover: my photoshop brushes won’t change color?
my photoshop brushes won’t change color..its WHITE… even if i click any color its still white BTW i’m using Photoshop cs5 extended… -__- so can anyone.. HELP ME PLEASE..


Answer by Eliot K
Perhaps you are painting on a layer mask, rather than on a painting layer?

Maybe the blending mode of the brush or of the layer is wrong.

Q&A: How to color photoshop brush multiple colors?

Question by Kristy Nicole: How to color photoshop brush multiple colors?

I’ve downloaded these brushes but can’t for the love of God figure out how to make them multicolored as shown in the preview image. I’ve toggled the switches under brushes > color dynamics with no luck. I’ve also tried applying a gradient over the brush but naturally it just goes across the brush horizontally or vertical, whatever you choose, instead of going along the seams like the image shows. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Answer by P&G
This isn’t done with a multicolor brush. It’s done with a series of layers and modes.
•Create a black background layer
•Make a new transparent layer above that
•Make another new layer and set the mode to Color Dodge
•Fill the Color Dodge layer with a colorful gradient
•Move back to the middle layer and paint with a white brush
•Wherever you paint, the gradient will be visible
The look in your sample is achieved by using stroked vectors and/or filled selections. Then manipulating the whole group with the Warp Transformation. Experiment with it and develop a look that’s unique to you.

Which color management setting in Photoshop CS4 provides the best monitor-to-paper output?

Question by JJ: Which color management setting in Photoshop CS4 provides the best monitor-to-paper output?
I do a lot of printing from my photoshop, and I’m looking for the setting that will provide me with colors as close as possible to the colors on my screen. Can someone please help me with these?


Answer by vbmica
This is a difficult question to answer since it is a complicated process which is beyond the scope of most answers here. this is what I would do to start:

1. Use only the printer manufacturer’s ink and papers to start with.
2. Make sure you select the proper paper when you are in the print dialog boxes.
3. Use high quality settings

This should get you close.

If you are not happy with the results, then you need to calibrate your monitor, use ICC profiles for printing and choose the correct color space for your images.

Your printed images will never match the screen images exactly – reflected light off the paper is different than transmitted light from the screen.

Hope this helps some.

Q&A: photoshop brush, color problem?

Question by u l y s s a: photoshop brush, color problem?
im using cs3 right now. and my problem is that my brush is always color white even if i choose other colors..
can someone help me how to fix this thing?


Answer by M3taSpl0it™
Hmm i think you need to RESET your photoshop settings , which can done here:


It should help i think ))

how to make the color platinum in photo shop cs4?

Question by Keith: how to make the color platinum in photo shop cs4?
I am coloring characters in photo shop and I need the colors silver and platinum but I can’t seem to find them. When I do a search on how to make them all I find is how to use effects to change something to look silver or platinum. Does anyone know how to make those colors in photo shop cs4?


Answer by Jay
You can’t actually get those colors you can only fake them by using a light grey and a dark grey with touches of white.

What color profile to set in photoshop cs4 on lenovo t60p laptop?

Question by Magdalena K: What color profile to set in photoshop cs4 on lenovo t60p laptop?
Does anyone know how to get the colors right? cos they seem to be different in photoshop when i edit, different when i open raw image, different in bridge.. Is it possible that its the screen that messes the colors up? i tried everything!


Answer by fhotoace
One of my notebooks is a Lenovo.

The brand notebook really does not have much to do with managing colour in Photoshop.

What is important is that 1) you use some kind of monitor calibration tool and 2) use a colour workspace that matches the final output.

Final output:

Photographic prints or use on the Internet = sRGB at 300 PPI
Print media (magazines and other printed material) = RGBAdobe (150 PPI for magazines, 80 PPI for newspapers)

The least expensive monitor calibration tool is the Pantone Huey


While the Colour RGB workspace is sRGB, once you establish a new ICC profile for your monitor using your monitor calibration tool, that new profile will become the standardized RGB workspace used on that computer

Here is a book you will find to be one you will eventually want to buy, but for now, look for it in your local library. CMYK 2.0 by Rick McCleary


This book describe in detail how to manage colour workspaces and how to become the guardian of colour while the image files are in your custody.