Q&A: Photoshop and adding brushes?

Question by Brendon: Photoshop and adding brushes?
How do I add brushes that I downloaded from the internet to Photoshop cs3?


Answer by Ganal
I use Photoshop CS2 and this is how I add brushes. I create a file and save all my brushes there. Then open photoshop. Right click while in the brush tool. There will be a Triangle up at the top right hand corner, click that. That will then show a drop down menu. Go up and find “load brushes”. Click that and then you can go find your folder or where ever you have the downloaded brushes. The brushes should then appear at the bottom of the brushes should then appear.

Importing videos to adobe premiere pro cs4 and adding my watermark to the videos?

Question by FwFats: Importing videos to adobe premiere pro cs4 and adding my watermark to the videos?
I am designing a website for a dance group. I have downloaded their videos from youtube and other download sites. Using Adobe Premiere Pro cs4, how do I import these videos and add a watermark of their logo leading to the website?

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Answer by Don M
It is highly unusual to and will do no good to add a watermark to a logo.
You simply make the Logo a link
Watermark technology is done by software.
If you intent is so that the logo can’t be copied it is done much different than using a watermark,
Using a watermark is done so that you can prove that your registered Tardemark or your Registered Copyright can’t be duplicated and is much more indepth than simply placing an imbeded image on a logo.

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Adding custom brushes & Photoshop 7.0?

I have downloaded a few custom brushes off of deviantART, but I’m clueless on how to add them to my brushes so that Photoshop can recognize them.

How do I add the brushes so that I can finally use them?

I’m using Photoshop 7.0.
And the brushes I downloaded have the extension .PspScript
(Just thought I’d add that bit of information incase the files are only compatible with newer versions of Photoshop.)

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
Okay, I tried the “Load Brushes” option but the files are not visible when I go into the extracted folder. Apparently I can only view .ABR files..?