How do I install brushes (abr) to Photoshop?

Question by Alexandra M: How do I install brushes (abr) to Photoshop?
I’m clueless, so please explain in some detail!

Every answer is greatly apprediated. Why doesn’t Windows automatically detect it anyways?


Answer by H i B i t ch™
Open up your “My Computer” folder
Then go to: –>Program Files
then click on the “Adobe” folder
Click on the “Adobe Photoshop CS2” folder
Then Click on “Presets”
Then Click on “Brushes”
Put all you brush files in there….

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Brushes

Good luck ma! ♥

How to convert Adobe InDesign CS4 document to PDF?

Question by Kelly: How to convert Adobe InDesign CS4 document to PDF?
I have a file using InDesign CS4 that needs to be sent to my professor who has the Adobe InDesign CS2 and he said that he needs it to be converted to PDF.

How do I do this?



Answer by Finalxman
Try A-PDF Image to PDF, A-PDF Image to PDF is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you convert Adobe InDesign CS2 (.psd) photos, drawings, scans and faxes into Acrobat PDF documents

Q&A: Help! in photoshop brushes!?

Question by trouble in ym: Help! in photoshop brushes!?
ok so in my photoshopp cs2 my brushes becae different. When I preview them before they somehow look like an “S” well the ends of a scripted S that it(something like smoke) and now it became an boring not scripted”S”. I want to make the light effects and i can’t do it right becuase of its shape.pleas help me!

* that is the brush way I want)
*I want the STROKE of my brush to be something smoke-ish..not round-ish


Answer by Daniel Düsentrieb
on this page you get
the solution for your problem!


I have photoshop cs5 and when i go to use the brush tool its okay and comes out with the colour i want but if i go over a bit ive already done it turns white.
am i doing something wrong?
im knew to photoshop so dont know much about it,


Answer by Sandeep Thakur
what I think is that you are using color mixer brush tool.

there as 3-4 brushes under brush category. Using color mixer brush makes easy to mix colors with each other but it has some problems with the document boundaries.

If you brush nearby the document boundaries then it may give different color…

try using normal brush….

10 Points For The First Person To Answer Correctly! Getting a Gird on Adobe CS4 Slide?

Question by Help Me Out!: 10 Points For The First Person To Answer Correctly! Getting a Gird on Adobe CS4 Slide?
I need to know how to put a grid (checker board) onto a Adobe Flash CS4 slide so I can get things exactly where I want them. Only problem is I don’t know how to. So my question is, How do I put a grid onto an Adobe CS4 Slide?
Please do not tell me to use my X and Y coordinates. Please just answer my question. Thank You Guys So Much.


Answer by Lightningwire
Unless you need the exact X,Ys (like in a map) just import any gridded jpg into the slide and send it to the back of page. Organize you slide accordingly and delete the grid jpg once complete. (google grid images for good examples)

I do this sometimes in powerpoint to ensure each slide is setup the same.

Note: there also maybe a snap to grid option under the edit toolbar?

How do I use Photoshop paint brushes in Gimp?

Question by Cora Blackwood: How do I use Photoshop paint brushes in Gimp?
I downloaded some watercolor paint brushes and they aren’t showing up when I go to use them in Gimp. Somebody please help me I’m going insane!

Here is the link to the brushes:

I HAVE WINDOWS! I also know how to add them to my brushes folder it just doesn’t seem to be wanting to work.
The download saves them as paintbrusheswatercolor.vbr and then the file type is ZIP. Should that be changed?


Answer by Tyler (Tyman2007)
Check source.

What is a adobe InDesign CS4 Serial Number?

Question by corey russell: What is a adobe InDesign CS4 Serial Number?
I lost my Adobe InDesign CS4 Serial Number. Can someone please give me one so i can use it on my copy of InDesign. Thanks for helping me. All the help will be greatly appreciated.


Answer by Karen
Sorry, if you lost your key there is no way to get a replacement. you will have to buy a new copy.

Q&A: Photoshop Elements brush?

Question by Alina: Photoshop Elements brush?
I was wondering how you get that brush that makes it so when you write something it duplicates it and draws it in revers on the other side. Please help, thanks.


Answer by Key
Brushes in photoshop are just stamps. You could get a butterfly stamp, a flower stamp, whatever really but that stamp will always be the same as when you made it. So if you wanted to have text as a brush, you could do that but you can’t change words.

But, you can use the text tool and type what you want, then go to the layers tab to your right and right click on the finished text layer and select “duplicate layer”. Then with the new text layer highlighted go to the menu bar at the top and go to the “edit” tab and go to “transform” and then click “flip horizontal” Then just use the move tool (hit “V” on your keyboard to activate the tool [or it’s on your tool bar, that icon that looks like the mouse cursor with a cross thing next to it]) and then move the newly backwards text where ever you want

Q&A: How can I make a photoshop brush into a stencil?

Question by morocia: How can I make a photoshop brush into a stencil?
This is difficult to explain, and the answer is probably pretty simple but I’m going to try and ask anyways. I’m wanting to add some pretty realistic butterflies to a few of my pictures. (and other brushes, etc) However, I don’t want them to be just one or two colors. I need to know how to make the butterfly brushes into a stencil so I can fill the various fields in with different colors and textures. Is there an easier way to do this? I tried just using them with a black outline and then colored with various colors, blurred the colors…but they don’t look too realistic. Please help!


Answer by Vicc
This isn’t a stencil… but it SHOULD give you the same result

Every time you wish to have some different colour, blur, textures for your butterfly etc create a new layer..

and then go to Edit blending options if you have a list of Textures click on the one you want and use it.

If you want a different colour just choose a different colour
and create a new layer for blurring it. if you only one in particular blurred.

I hope i helped